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Dec 07, 2016

Kara + Ricky

Don't even think twice- Naomi and her team are the way to go! My vision was realized perfectly and I couldn't be happier with the way our wedding turned out. Hiring DNT paid for itself in the money we saved from Naomi's negotiating skills, and knowledge of the industry. She advised us on all the areas where we could save some money, while suggesting a few things that would be worth it to splurge on- and she was spot on! Some of the little details she suggested made such a huge impact and they were things we never would have even considered. Our wedding was more beautiful than we could have imagined AND we were slightly UNDER budget! Which is especially impressive considering we changed venues 7 months out from the wedding and didn't get our deposit back from the original venue! Naomi was incredible in helping us find a new venue and the new Venue- Marina Del Rey Marriott - turned out to fit our style even better than the first! 

Every Vendor she recommended was top class. All of her ideas as far as lighting and decor were fabulous and the organization on t
hedayofmade the whole day completely stress free and so enjoyable for my husband and I. And we know our guests had a blast too! We're still getting texts from friends and family telling us it was the most elegant and fun wedding they've ever been to!!

Nov 11, 2016

Starla + Jason

You may not know this now, but you need DNT Elite Events for your special event. DNT was the best wedding gift ever. I didn't realize how much I needed DNT until the day of/the morning after when I thought about all they did to make our wedding day the BEST DAY EVER:

1. Naomi (lead coordinator) took over vendor correspondence a few weeks before the wedding--this was SUCH a relief because keeping track of 13+ vendors is a full-time job in itself! During the days leading up to the event, she was also able to save me money. My biggest regret is not hiring her for more than just month-of services.
2. Naomi and her team of DNT associates took care of every need the
dayof. Hate the burlap on your bouquet? DNT comes equipped with scissors and will cut the burlap off for you. Need a bobby pin? DNT's got you covered. Want to eat all that food you paid for? DNT shows up with a plateful of appetizers. Even emergency kits for myself and my wedding party too!
3. NOT ONE LOGISTICAL QUESTION came my way the day of the wedding. Issues, that I learned about later with some poking and prodding, that I am SO happy I did not know of the day of the wedding. 
4. To top the night off, DNT made up our room with candles and repurposed the petals we had for the ceremony to leave a floral heart wreath on our bed along
withsweet note from the team. They also made sure my bouquet was back in the room too. 

They thought of every single detail and go above and beyond to make it a day to remember. I am eternally grateful for all that Naomi and her team did. Without DNT Elite Events, my BEST DAY EVER may not have been the best day ever.

Oct 27, 2016

April + Alkevin

I don't even know where to start. If I can catch your attention now, let me just say, if you want your wedding to be more beautiful than the movies- hire Naomi and her team. 

DNT doesn't just treat a wedding like any day. The moment we were able to witness how Naomi and her team handled a wedding before ours, my husband now and I were both convinced that EVERYTHING will be HANDLED without our need to do anything on the wedding day! She and her team are practically like the production team of a movie, her being the director, and the rest of the gang as the crewmen, making sure YOUR script and storyline is being followed and implemented correctly - and by script and storyline, I mean YOUR vision. She and her team carried around a VERY detailed timeline of YOUR day, including protocol songs, what time to wake up, what time to take a break,  contact #'s and information of EVERYONE assigned to anything (vendors, bridal party, etc) that she WON'T need to pull YOU for anything on the day of your wedding, and all you worry about are your emotions and the love that you feel on that day (which is truly what a wedding should be about for all brides and grooms)!

My husband and I are VERY picky with everything and just like most of you, we really do a thorough research on ALL the vendors we picked for our wedding- including the planner. We had a pros and cons spreadsheet for every part of the wedding. But the first time Naomi did her phone consultation with us, we already wrote a lot of pros! And that was before meeting her in person. The way she interviewed us about our dream wedding was very thorough- and you can easily tell her attention to DETAILS, not to mention, her attention to what's important to US. And even more impressively, she remembered all these factors throughout the process, and advocated for me when I got to the point in the wedding preparation to tackle what I said was most important to me, but was starting to get stressed out and was letting go of its importance. She reminded me to push for what matters to us. She is super organized and always reviews her notes when you meet or talk with her. This was very helpful for us as she makes every meeting/conference efficient, especially with my husband's and my conflicting work schedules.

My husband and I are also very detail-oriented and visionaries. We had so many ambitions and ideas, probably sometimes too out-of-the-norm. Yet Naomi was open to ALL of these out-of-the-ordinary ideas; as an example, a photo scavenger hunt from the ceremony location TO the reception- which she herself and her team helped in a BIG way to put together for us! Our guests were surprisingly excited to participate, and it was all because of how she contributed on how to give our idea a little twist! Her imagination is just infinite and you can pick on her brain if you wanna get really creative with your wedding day!!

And the most important part that everyone worries about-$$. Naomi helped us save a good deal of $! She took care of negotiating with our vendors!!! We gave her our budget, told her our ambitious vision, and she took care of the rest. She made sure that our vision was fulfilled given the budget we had by giving us SEVERAL alternatives without lessening the quality of what we could get. She is very honest with what would matter. She helped us make decisions on where to allocate our resources without sacrificing the beauty of our dream day. And with her familiarity with our venue and vendors, she helped us optimize the money we spent, and she was totally on our side. Given that she works with vendors, we still felt that NAOMI WAS OUR ALLY. She was very transparent with us and genuinely helped us save as much as we can. She is able to empathize with how brides' and grooms' pockets look like when they plan and fund their wedding ;)  
And she only refers vendors that do an excellent job in making your day elegant and beautiful!! We can tell that what matters to her is that every wedding day HAS TO BE BEAUTIFUL AND NEVER SECOND BEST, be it be yours. She treated the whole process as if it were hers, making sure nothing was jeopardized.

And did I say she can be an Editor-In-Chief??? She poured her heart into proofing EVERY SINGLE WORD in EVERY SINGLE STATIONERY we had - wedding website, invitation, table menu, poster boards, decorations. And when I say proofing, it wasn't just looking at the grammar, but the alignment, the size of the text, the LOOK of whatever decor or stationery it was.. Everything! She was available all the time to look at all these things we ordered so we can get them checked before printed. And her criticisms are truthful, again, and EXACT.

And to finish it off, when the day came and we met her team, we knew we were in good hands. All of them were so caring, flexible, and will do ANYTHING to make you feel like you and your groom are the king and queen of the day. We look back to our day often, and we have no regrets choosing DNT.

Aug 04, 2016

Kruthika + Tony

"You can tell Naomi anything, vague or extremely specific, and she'll get to work on it right away..."

Naomi and her team were the single greatest decision we made for our wedding. Naomi is amazing. She is kind, fun and so supportive. I got the full package with DNT events. Which means, I spent a year working very closely with Naomi. You can tell Naomi anything, vague or extremely specific, and she'll get to work on it right away. She will always find a way to make your vision come to light. 
My husband and I wanted a really casual, fun pre-wedding event called the Sangeet. It's usually a big party the night before the wedding. We knew we wanted food trucks. That's all we told her and Naomi created something amazing and somehow figured out what we wanted even though we weren't able to verbalize it. String lights, Moroccan themed seating, hookah, etc. It was amazing. The pictures attached will give you some idea of what the DNT crew can do.

They are also
greatwith Indian weddings. Indian weddings are beasts. They tend to be grand and extremely detailed. Naomi did amazing with it and knew way more than me about Indian weddings. Naomi also saved us a TON of money. Her negotiation skills are on point. I just can't say enough great things about DNT. I feel like this review doesn't do them justice. Just get them for your wedding, you wont be sorry. Promise.

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