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Tiramisu | Partial Planning

With all the multiple components that make up tiramisu, each piece is critical to be completed correctly for the finished dessert. DNT Elite Events understands the complexity of events and will not only offer you the services outlined in the “Crème Brulée” package, but will also include twelve (12) hours of in-person consultation (in place of the six (6) hours in the Crème Brulée package) and constant guidance dedicated to the entire wedding planning process. This package will enable us to assist you in searching for the perfect vendors and negotiate contracts to find you the best possible package out there! In addition, you may also upgrade this package so that we can offer our expertise in conceptualizing your vision and provide you with design consultation for a cohesive theme for the wedding. Like the multiple flavors of tiramisu, DNT will provide the rich layers of services to make your wedding planning journey more smooth and sweet!

Package starting at $4,800

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